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Nettuno 400-ECO motor pump - Product Description

We build high efficiency motor pumps on wheels. Motor pump sets for farming applications (for example sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, pivot irrigation, etc.) We are able to customize any product feature according to the customer’s needs and always in compliance with the European Community rules and high quality standards;

Technical features

Powder coated tank frame, muffler type "ms", vibration-damping supports between motor and frame, ignition accumulator with high performances, nb. 2 regulable backward stabilizerfoot, roof and safety net for engine, slow moving trolley, cem 250 (control panel for checking and stopping engine), pump pressure control, tank cap, emergency stop button, Diesel floating, adjustable small wheel on drawbar heightadjustable, motorpump's manual of using and maintenance, pump's manual of using and maintenance, engine's manual of using and maintenance, ce certification (if foresee), international warranty certification.

Nettuno MOTORPUMPS Catalogue - Multilingual


· Wide range of pumps and engines from the leading international brands.
· Latest generation unit for control and visualization of motor parameters.
· Structural solidity
· High efficiency
Cyclone motorpump on the field
Cyclone motorpump on the field
Cyclone motorpump on the field
Cyclone motorpump on the field
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