atlantic motorpump

Nettuno® presents the Atlantic series range of soundproofed motor pumps. Two models designed thanks to the know-how resulting from the integration of Nettuno® into Gruppo Visa SpA, a major global manufacturer of generating sets. The Nettuno® Atlantic soundproofed motor pumps are designed for lifting and carrying clean water from wells, cisterns and tanks.

Nettuno® Atlantic

Cyclone motorpumps

The Nettuno® motor pumps of the CYCLONE series combine flexibility and independent of a mobile motor pump unit with proven technology of a rotary lobe pump. Part of the volumetric pumps, this type of pump is self-priming, without valves and extremely flexible. They are ideal for transporting almost all substances, in continuous mode and for dosage proportional to the number of revolutions

Nettuno® Cyclone

Crono motorpumps

Usually, these pump are used for irrigation of small fields, for drip systems, sprinkler systems or small irrigation machines (Junior). The configuration is usually with Lombardini Engine and Rovatti Pump.

Nettuno® Crono

Duplex motorpump

The range of Nettuno® motor pumps DUPLEX series for irrigation is created to solve the problem of water lifting related to the suction of water from a significant depth of standard centrifugal pumps. DUPLEX allows the water suction up to 18 metres deep, distributable in adjustable pressure surface.

Nettuno® Duplex

Open motorpumps

Powdercoated tubolar tankframe, muffler type "ms", vibration-damping supports between motor and frame, ignitionaccumulator with high performances, nb. 1 regulable backward stabilizerfoot, canopy, slowmoving trolley, cem 350 (gearcase for checking and stopping motor), PMA100 (pressure sensor for pump checking), ball joints for delivery and suction with gate valve, tank's plug with key, motor precaution grills...

Nettuno® Open

Zeus motorpumps

The ZEUS series self-priming centrifugal motor pumps are designed to treat clean water, waste water and sewage containing solids in suspension. Self-priming capability allows use of these pumps without filling the suction pipe and avoid the bottom valve. Therefore they can be easily used in portable version with electric motors or internal combustion engines, or when suction is required from tanks, deep or distant channels.

Nettuno® Zeus

Motor clutch sets

Motor clutch sets can be used for all those applications where it is necessary to activate and deactivate the motion of the engine as for the following applications: vertical pumps, centrifugal and self-priming pumps, mills, agricultural dryers, oil mills and mixers.

Nettuno® Motor Clutch Sets

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