Nettuno CUSTOM motorpumps for special sector use

Discover our made in Italy motorpumps range developed for special sectors like LINEAR and PIVOT irrigation systems, wellpoint dewatering, mining and construction, flooding, chemical and food application.

Hydro motorpump

NETTUNO Hydro: pumping solutions for the increasingly widespread LINEAR and PIVOT irrigation systems.

Nettuno® HYDRO - Pivot systems

Irritrac motorpump

mobile tractor pumps for limited or temporary irrigation services.



High capacity water pump, used for wellpoint dewatering and sump pumping.


Motor Clutch Sets

Motor clutch sets can be used for all those applications where it is necessary to activate and deactivate the motion of the engine as for the following applications: vertical pumps, centrifugal and self-priming pumps, mills, agricultural dryers, oil mills and mixers

Nettuno® Motor Clutch Sets

ZEUS - WET PRIME motorpump

The ZEUS WET PRIME series self-priming centrifugal motor pumps are designed to treat clean water, waste water and sewage containing solids in suspension.


ZEUS - DRY PRIME motorpump

The range of Dry-Prime motorpumps are built for pumping water with solids holdup, containing sand or other abrasive solids in suspension. The special design makes these pumps suitable for different applications where unclean liquid pumping and water displacement are necessary.

Nettuno® DUPLEX

CYCLONE motorpump

The Nettuno® motor pumps of the CYCLONE series combine flexibility and independent of a mobile motor pump unit with proven technology of a rotary lobe pump.

Nettuno® CYCLONE

NT70H motorpump

Mobile motor pump unit with proven technology of a rotary lobe pump.

Nettuno® NT70H

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