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e produce self-propelled irrigation systems and high quality motor pumps for more than 40 years. The reliability and versatility of Visa’s products are due to the use of the best components and latest technology which gives significant energy savings, as well as a decrease operating costs. The experience we have gained in the entire world, under the most different and difficult environmental conditions, allows Visa S.p.a. to completely satisfy all the modern agriculture’s need, in full compliance with environmental respect.

We Manufacturing

  • Motor Pumps
  • PTO Driven
  • Hose Reels Irrigators
  • Custom irrigation projects

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Nettuno (Water department of Visa SpA) is specialized in manufacturing irrigating machines, generator sets, electro and motor pump sets for agriculture, industry, buildings and emergency; it is specialized also in construction and setting metal frameworks and industrial intervention. The company has specific divisions for each kind of metal working supported by precision machines: sheets cutting, bending of high resistance sheets, carpentry, welding, assembly and painting.

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Quality Of Service

Visa S.p.a. grants a fast and efficient after-sale service on irrigators, motorpumps and electricity generators both of its own production and of other manufacturers’ too. Highly qualified technical personnel, sophisticated training rooms, mobile workshops, as well as a large space dedicated to the stock of production components allow Visa S.p.a. to intervene promptly everywhere.

Nettuno - Visa SpA Production

Lean Manufacturing Project

The LEAN MANUFACTURING process is the philosophy and method for innovation processes. The system has been implemented in the VISA production cycle in order to improve work phases and reducing delivery times while maintaining elevated quality levels. The assembly islands have been organized according to irrigators and motorpumps size, designed to increase efficiency in line with the continuous improvement process.

Nettuno - Visa SpA Production

ISO Certifications

Visa SpA manufacturer of Nettuno's products is officially certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Tailoring its production standards to international technical specifications combined with rigid product testing, has allowed Visa to become a worldwide symbol of efficiency and quality. ISO procedures are applied throughout the production process to the end of the manufacturing process, every product that we build goes to our test centre, where it is subjected to many test which is carried out in our modern test bays according to ISO Quality procedures.

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ISO 14001 certificate PDF

Nettuno - Visa SpA Production