Hydro - Pivot systems

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Nettuno® Hydro - Pumping solutions for linear and pivot systems

In the last few years, Nettuno® (VISA S.p.A. water division), thanks to its more than 40 years of experience in the irrigation sector, has developed pumping solutions for the increasingly widespread LINEAR and PIVOT irrigation systems.
The many factors, such as water availability, the morphology and slope of the soil, the climate, the source of water supply and the type of crop have become a challenge when it comes to choosing the best system. Nettuno® has developed a series of products that work in perfect harmony, integrating with any type of irrigation system and ensuring maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Hydro motorpump on the field

Nettuno® Hydro - Product Description

Linear systems require a pumping system for the operation of sprinklers and electric power supply for handling the entire structure. This is why Hydro was created, a Hybrid motor pump by Nettuno, equipped with a Diesel engine coupled to a centrifugal pump, as well as an alternator with drive belt, ensuring high resistance and low noise levels.

Available in three versions :

·Hydro CL:
This configuration involves the insertion of a clutch between the Diesel engine and the centrifugal pump.
·Hydro RD:
This configuration provides for direct coupling between the Diesel engine and a special pump: the Cornell® Run-Dry™.
·Hydro Compact:
Same performance and equipment of the previous ones and optimized weight and dimensions
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