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Nettuno ZEUS WET PRIME - Product Description

The ZEUS WET PRIME series self-priming centrifugal motor pumps are designed to treat clean water, waste water and sewage containing solids in suspension. Self-priming capability allows use of these pumps without filling the suction pipe and avoid the bottom valve. Therefore they can be easily used in portable version with electric motors or internal combustion engines, or when suction is required from tanks, deep or distant channels.

Construction features

· Cast iron body and impeller in spheroidal cast iron.
· Mechanical seal in silicon carbide coated with nitrile rubber, grease lubricated.
· Front and rear wear plates covered with rubber.
· Fuel tank capacity up to 120 litres.
· Mechanical support legs, tow bar, reinforced axial and wheels with radial tyres.

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· Fast self-priming without botom valve up to a height corresponding to 7.5 m/25 ft.
· High resistance to abrasive liquids: murky, muddy, sandy water with solids in suspension.
· Two rooms accessible for collecting impurities up to 50 mm/2".
Zeus Wet Prime motorpump on the field - img1
Zeus Wet Prime motorpump on the field - img2
Zeus Wet Prime motorpump on the field - img3
Zeus Wet Prime motorpump on the field - img4