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Atlantic Super Silent_img2

Nettuno® Atlantic motorpumps - Product Description

Nettuno® presents the Atlantic motorpumps. Wherever a high level of sound-proofing is needed, Nettuno offers its soundproof SUPER SILENT range of motor pumps, with even lower noise levels and optimal performances of the engine and its cooling systems. Nettuno SUPER SILENT range is designed to ensure the best access to the internal components for a safer ordinary maintenance, with considerable savings in terms of time and energy. The Nettuno® Atlantic soundproofed motor pumps are designed for lifting and carrying clean water from wells, cisterns and tanks.


· High soundproofing coefficient according to the strictest European regulations;
· Several engine sizes available;
· Centrifugal pumps customised as required;
· Large side doors for easy maintenance access;
· Electronic control unit for controlling engine speed, fuel level, water pressure pump, work timer, pump exclusion;
· Self-supporting baseframe with tank function;
· Stabilising feet.
Atlantic Super Silent motorpump on the field
Atlantic Super Silent on the field
Atlantic Super Silent on the field
Atlantic Super Silent on the field