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Nettuno® DUPLEX motor pump - Product Description

The range of Nettuno® motor pumps DUPLEX series for irrigation is created to solve the problem of water lifting related to the suction of water from a significant depth of standard centrifugal pumps. DUPLEX allows the water suction up to 18 metres deep, distributable in adjustable pressure surface.

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Duplex can be supplied in standard version with dual pump, i.e. a submersible pump that is made to fall into a pit (18mt) by means of an electric winch (12 VDC). Connected to a SOFT-START system which allows the upwelling of water through the pipes (to blitz), till the surface pump raises the water under pressure. The pump is connected to an inverter that provides an accurate pressure regulation and high energy saving. If there is no need to use the submersible pump, Duplex also allows the use of single surface pump.

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he depth of draft often limits the water supply operations for irrigation. Standard centrifugal pumps allow to draw water from a maximum depth of 6 Mt.

To work around this you can look up to submersible pumps, whose lifting capacity is superior, but they cannot be moved easily and require external power.DUPLEX solves this problem, thanks to the double pumping system: two pumps (one pump of depth and other is surface pump), working in a coordinated manner, ensuring a depth of up to 18mt and outbound delivery until 2789 lt/min and 7.6 bar pressure.

The dual system is powered by a diesel engine coupled to an enclosed alternator to limit noise and trolley transportation. Nettuno DUPLEX: all-in-one practical and intelligent solution!


· Draught at high depths;
· Low voltage gear with stainless steel cable;
· SOFT-START system allows a boot and a slow shutdown of submersible pump. This helps to prevent water hammer and reduces the power consumption of the pump at start-up;
· Inverter connected to the pump for speed control and flow variation;
· Electric Panel with automatic or manual cycle and with overload protection (turnstile);
· Ability to leverage used energy to power the pumps even for external equipment or equipment through the electrical outlet kit (optional).
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