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Nettuno® CYCLONE motor pump - Product Description

The Nettuno® motor pumps of the CYCLONE series combine flexibility and independent of a mobile motor pump unit with proven technology of a rotary lobe pump. Part of the volumetric pumps, this type of pump is self-priming, without valves and extremely flexible. They are ideal for transporting almost all substances, in continuous mode and for dosage proportional to the number of revolutions

ONIS VISA Industrial MOTORPUMPS - Multilingual


· High suction capacity up to 9 m of water column;
· Resistant to dry operation Bidirectional;
· Continuous operation and low noise;
· Low cost of life cycle;
· Easy to use thanks to the electronic engine management.
· Substances with low to high viscosity and with abrasive substances (from 1 mPas to 1 million mPas)
· Substances with solid bodies in wastewater (passage up to 60 mm)
· High flow rate and pressures: Adjustable flow rate up to 950 m3/h Pressures up to 4 bar
Cyclone motorpump on the field - img1
Cyclone motorpump on the field - img2
Cyclone motorpump on the field - img3
Cyclone motorpump on the field - img4